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Managed Hosting Services

Whether the equipment is client- or Hamilton-owned, we provide a secure, affordable, and worry free hosting solution for our clients. Hamilton provides services that are highly customized to our client’s specific needs.

Free up your IT department’s time and resources and give yourself peace of mind that your data is secure.  We can ensure that your organization's data is in accordance with relevant compliance and litigation requirements.

Dedicated or Shared Hosting

Hamilton Managed Hosting is a great resource for a primary, secondary or disaster recovery solution. Hamilton operates a state-of-the-art blade center and Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. This allows us to share or dedicate processing resources (CPU’s) to ensure your applications and data storage are available on-demand. In doing this, Hamilton only charges for the resources and storage that are required and can scale up or down as needed.

Colocated Equipment

Colocation services are available in two forms, leased space or leased equipment. Either way, Hamilton clients receive a secure facility, rack space, internet connectivity, and redundancy of operations. Reduce the expense of expanding your current data center or server room by locating your primary or secondary servers with Hamilton.

Online Data Back-up & Recovery

Hamilton provides our customers with one of the most trusted solutions in the online data back-up and recovery industry. As a Certified Reseller of Iron Mountain Digital, Hamilton can provide any business with an affordable online data back-up and disaster recovery solution.

Reduce the cost and risk of losing your data, no matter where it resides. Hamilton reduces the risk and cost associated with protecting PC, Mac and server data by ensuring your data is secure, available and accessible for recovery when needed.

Our online backup services allow you to consistently backup and protect critical business data that, if unprotected, can expose risk and compliance violations — all while easing the pressure on IT time and resources.

Secure Data Encryption

Ensure that all of your PC’s and laptops are secure both on and off the network by choosing Lost Data Destruction provided by Hamilton Managed Hosting.

Lost Data Destruction (LDD)

Lost Data Destruction®, is the first endpoint security solution to combine intelligent encryption with enterprise-controlled data elimination. LDD automatically eliminates specified data on lost or stolen laptops to prevent its compromise or misuse. The solution works even when other security software or encryption methods fail.

A comprehensive and multi-layered approach to PC data security, LDD effectively secures data even when the PC is off-line. Most importantly, LDD ensures organizational control of that data even when the enterprise has lost control of the device. With new, stricter regulations on data security, installing LDD on your company's devices can mean the difference between keeping your customer and corporate data secure or informing 200,000 consumers that the integrity of their sensitive personal data has been compromised. Don't leave your reputation and your secrets to the mercy of non-compliant user behavior.

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